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About our club

Dartford Detecting Club was founded in the 1970's as Dartford Coin Club and then, in the 80's, as Dartford Relic Recovery Club. Also we were the first club in the country to have an exhibition at a museum.

Over the years we have held our meetings in several different locations around the Dartford area (usually pubs). At the present time we meet once a month at the Working Mens Club in Dartford (members only).

Our meetings are very informal, drinks and a chat. Members bring along their finds, for which we have prizes for club site finds and non club site finds. We also have a raffle. Each member pays a subscription of £2 a month. This goes towards raffle prizes, Christmas buffet and anything club related.

There is a Facebook page and a WhatsApp site for members only.

We have permission to detect on one farm, for which we each give the farmer £10 (when fields are available). Unfortunately we lost the permission for another farm recently as it was taken over by winemakers. 

It is very difficult to get new permissions so any information about land available to detect in the Dartford and surrounding areas would be very welcome.


Recovery Service

If you have accidently lost a valuable or sentimental item please contact us and we will do our best to find it for you.


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