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Aims of our club -

To promote responsible metal detecting and to learn more about our history by researching the finds. Being environmentally aware by taking care not to do any damage  to the countryside and to fill in holes where we detect.

We encourage our members to record their finds with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, the PAS. Also, we require them to carry Public Liability Insurance.

Membership -

We are a small club and membership is limited to fifty. If the membership is full all applicants will be put on a waiting list and will be informed when space becomes available.  Beginners are welcome and we are happy to give advice. To get in touch go to the contact section at the top of the page. Please be aware that a reply to your query may take a little while.

Our meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at the Working Mens Club in Dartford. Members only, so please don't come along  on the off chance.

We prefer prospective members to attend three meetings before being voted in to become full members. Shift work can make this difficult for some people, but we can usually get around this.

Dartford Detecting Club 

Chairman ........Terry Wright 

Treasurer .........Pete Bowman

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